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Garmin Venu Sq Review

It is a lifestyle fitness tracker and a running watch combo in the budget. Among loads of features, the blood oxygen monitor definitely steals the show


7 minutes read

When was the last time you heard of Garmin packing 20+ activities in a sub 20K fitness wearable (available for ₹17,990 at Amazon while writing this)? Quite sure, never until they launched Garmin Venu Sq. Right out of the box, you have the watch, a proprietary charger, and some manuals. Keeping aside the charger and the manuals, let’s keep our focus on the watch.

Ep 9: Endurance Training for Ultra Marathons

Building aerobic endurance, moving up from marathon to ultra-marathon distances, and training approach to ultra running

Aditi Pandya

2 minutes read

In this episode we talk about the various aspects of endurance training. Endurance running in general refers to ultra marathons. The most common ultramarathon distances are 50K, 50 miles, 100K, 100 miles, or a multiday run. We dwell on various aspects of - improving aerobic capacity, if there is any role of nature in conquering the distance, and how to prepare for an ultra marathon.

Efficient Breathing for Runners

Belly breathing and Rhythmic breathing techniques to improve running efficiency

Team GeeksOnFeet

3 minutes read

Breathing while running is often overlooked but can be a powerful tool for a runner’s training. Beginners and experienced runners alike have issues with breathing when running. As we increase our time on our feet, it is important that we breathe better to help us in this journey.

Perfect your Hip Mechanics

Pelvic drop in running and how to address it

Team Run Mechanics

5 minutes read

Runners often focus too much on foot strike, foot pronation and other clearly visible aspects of running form. In reality most form issues stem from what happens up above the leg musculature. We have observed that most performance issues originate from the hip muscle complex. Hip muscles are the powerhouses of running, and hence extra focus should be given to any issues originating from there. One such issue that we observed is excessive hip (pelvic) drop, also known as ‘Contralateral…

Plyometrics for Beginners

Do's and Dont's, Incorporating plyometrics into your training, Technique for Plyometrics, and Beginner Plyometric workouts


2 minutes read

Continuing with our series on plyometric exercises. In the last article, we write on the importance of plyometrics and how plyometrics benefit endurance runners in developing speed and improving the running economy. In this article, we explain how we can start with plyometric training.

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