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Improve Pelvic Rotation for Better Running Stride

Limited pelvic rotation often correlates with shorter stride, and low hip extension. Understand how it affects performance, guidance on optimal pelvic rotation, drills and workouts to improve pelvic rotation.

Team Run Mechanics

3 minutes read

As runners, we put a lot of focus on the foot, ankle, and knees. We look for things like foot strike, foot pronation, and ankle dorsiflexion. However, much of the running performance is decided higher up the chain, that is by the muscles of the core and hips.

Perfect your Hip Mechanics

Pelvic drop in running and how to address it

Team Run Mechanics

5 minutes read

Runners often focus too much on foot strike, foot pronation and other clearly visible aspects of running form. In reality most form issues stem from what happens up above the leg musculature. We have observed that most performance issues originate from the hip muscle complex. Hip muscles are the powerhouses of running, and hence extra focus should be given to any issues originating from there. One such issue that we observed is excessive hip (pelvic) drop, also known as ‘Contralateral…

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