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Ankle Mobility Test

Assess your ankle mobility with this wall test

Team Geeks On Feet

1 minute read


Ankle mobility comes a long way in preventing running injuries and improving performance. Good range of ankle dorsiflexion motion is key to engaging your glutes, and reduce stress on plantar, achilles and calf muscles. Take this 5 minute assessment that you can do it at home, and find out how good your ankles are. Click start to test now..

India's Top 5 Marathons of 2019-20

Comparision of India's Top 5 City Marathons


8 minutes read


Runners are justifiably restless, thanks to covid19. Now that social distancing is not letting the latest paces on strava come to light, we thought of getting the data of the last 5 races and do some analysis. Below is the analysis for total participation for men and women; average paces of top 10 runners and top 5% of runners, race elevation and temperature of the following marathons:

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