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Nike Pegasus 38 Review

Review of Women’s Pegasus 38 - It is an excellent shoe for long and easy runs. It does a good job of offering comfort for longer distances with high levels of cushioning.


5 minutes read

​What is that common between elite runners Geoffrey Kamworor, Eliud Kipchoge​​, and Bernard Lagat? They all train in Nike Pegasus. Known for its versatility as a daily trainer, Pegasus is used by amateurs and elites alike, for short & easy runs to speed work, and even marathon distances.

Asics EvoRide 2 Review

A well-cushioned lightweight shoe for speedier and energy-efficient runs, Asics EvoRide 2 can be the horse to help you clock your personal best.


8 minutes read

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Brooks Glycerin 18 Review

A comfortable daily trainer for those long and easy runs

Arun Ganesh

6 minutes read

If you are in a training block where clocking high mileage is the priority or running a hundred-day streak, a comfortably cushioned shoe is your ally. Right from its inception, the Brooks Glycerin series is known for its soft cushioned, and comfortable ride. Glycerin series is one of the first running shoes to use gel pads to offer a softer ride. In its 18th edition, Brooks Glycerin 18 continues to uphold its original goal.

Saucony Axon Review

Saucony Axon is maximally cushioned neutral shoe in the budget. It has a rocker design, balancing comfort and smoother ride for those longer runs.


6 minutes read

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Saucony Hurricane 23 Review

Hurriance 23 is a stability shoe with a difference. It sets itself apart with plenty of cushioning offering a soft and bouncy ride for those long runs.


5 minutes read

If you are looking for a modern stability shoe with high-stack and plush cushioning, you have come to the right page. Saucony has lined up a spectrum of stability shoes from Guide, Omni to Hurricane, offering a good choice.

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