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Fizztival 5K Run In Numbers

Insights & Visualizations of Fast&Up Fizztival 5K Run

Team GeeksOnFeet

1 minute read

Fast&Up Fizztival 5K Run saw enthusiastic participation from Indian running community. A virtual 5K race organized on Strava, the distance was very approachable and participation was seen from towns and cities from all over India (check participation insights here). We have analyzed the data of finishers and their times, and lots of insights. Run was very competitive with highest number of runners finishing in 18-22 minutues range. Here are some visualizations on popular days of the run, shoes…

Runners Reboot

Perspectives of runners about the year gone by

Team GeeksOnFeet

6 minutes read

2020 was a special year in many ways, in the hindsight it taught us to be resourceful, hopeful, resilient and much more. As we dive in 2021, we penned a few thoughts of our runners and how running impacted and enabled them to sail through the year.

The World of Running - Episode 3: Beginner's Guide to Running

Everything one needs to know at the start of their running journey, with Coach Shreyas Karnad, Runners 360

Aditi Pandya

1 minute read

In this episode, we discuss everything one needs to know at the start of their running journey. Importance of run-walk technique, strength & conditioning, breathing, the right amount of mileage, and more.

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