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Carbon-Plated Shoes In India

Up-to date list of carbon plated shoes currently availabe in India and their prices.

Team GeeksOnFeet

3 minutes read

The last 4 years have been a runners’ treat (for their sole) w.r.t innovation in Shoes. The mid-soles are softer, and lighter; bouncy carbon plates, sock-like uppers, lighter and yet high traction bottom soles, have redefined how running shoes feel and run. Out of all the new innovations, the use of carbon plates in the midsole is game-changing. Carbon plates upped the game when it comes to long-distance running performance. There were no world major races won by athletes not wearing Carbon…

Episode 7: Mind Training for Working Athletes

Ways to train our minds for better performance while balancing other aspects of life as working athletes

Aditi Pandya

1 minute read

In this episode we talk about the various aspects of our mind that are wired to the performance of a working athlete - be it our everyday running targets, or waking up in the wee hours of the morning, and being fully responsible towards our families. It is about committing to our targets and knowing how important the goal is which is ahead of us. Focus, camaraderie, and visualizations are few among the other topics discussed in this episode.

Perfect your Knee Mechanics

Knee mechanics in Running gait, performance, and injury prevention

Team Run Mechanics

4 minutes read

Knee holds an important role in running as it is the midpoint between the hip and ankle. Knee joint facilitates the following:

Recover through Cold and Heat

Part 4 of Recover to Perform series. How cold and hot therapies can help recovery, and when & where to use them effectively.

Team GeeksOnFeet

6 minutes read

As runners, we experience muscle soreness, pains, and niggles on an everyday basis. We often think we have forgotten how our bodies would be without the existing injuries and soreness. Continuing our series on recovery, this post focuses on cold and heat therapy to recover.

Sleep to Recover and Perform

Part 3 of Recover to Perform series. How sleep improves recovery & performance, science of sleep, benefits, hacks for better sleep and more

Team GeeksOnFeet

7 minutes read

How well we sleep, transcends in our performance. Sleep is one of the most important, and often neglected aspects of the path to peak performance. Great athletes know about the importance of sleep to achieve performance. Eliud Kipchoge, undoubtedly the greatest marathoners of all the time, sleeps for ten hours everyday. His training schedule includes eight hours of sleep at night, and a two hour nap during the day.

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