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Optimize training with RPE Scale

Prevent overtraining and optimize training using RPE scale

Team GeeksOnFeet

4 minutes read

Training intensity and load is an important aspect of how we get the necessary stimulus required to perform better. Structured training involves increasing the training load on a periodic basis (called Periodization).

How to improve Uphill Running

Tips and techniques to get better at tackling uphills

Team GeeksOnFeet

5 minutes read

Some running trivia here - “The 36th kilometer at TMM 2020 was the slowest”. This is based on the Strava data of the top 800 finishers of TMM 2020, the average split time for 36th kilometer is upwards of 7minutes, this is 2 minutes slower than the fastest average split. The 36th km passes through Peddar Road and has an elevation of 25m. It is obvious, most runners struggle through uphills. Uphills expose the weak links in our running.

Chennai and Bengaluru Marathons in Numbers

Visualization of finishing times of SPCM and SPBM 2021

Team GeeksOnFeet

2 minutes read

SPCM 2021 was held at the super-fast Madras Motor Race Track. The race was held in a loop of about 3.7km with categories of marathon, 20-miler, half-marathon and 10k. Here are some interesting stats from the race.

Episode 4: Importance of Running Form

Episode 4 of The World of Running podcast, covers the importance of running form, how to improve your running form performance, efficiency and injury prevention

Aditi Pandya

2 minutes read

In this episode, we will be discussing everything on developing a good running form that encourages better motor patterns and muscle recruitment. A good running form improves our running efficiency and reduces the risk of fatigue and injuries particularly which comes with longer and more frequent running.

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