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Balance is the maintenance of the center of gravity over the base of support; it is both a static and dynamic quality. Balance is a key component of coordination, one of the five biomotor skills needed for athletic performance ( Speed • Strength • Endurance • Flexibility among the others). Balance training improves Proprioception.

Hydration for 10K to Half-Marathon

Understand how hydration effects your running, and guidelines to optimize hydration to perform at your best in 10k to half-marathon distances


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We all know good hydration helps in improved performance during the race. As 10K usually lasts closer to 60 min, the impact of dehydration may not be significant. However, in a half marathon, the time is more than 60 min and hence proper focus must be put on hydration.

Nike Pegasus 38 Review

Review of Women’s Pegasus 38 - It is an excellent shoe for long and easy runs. It does a good job of offering comfort for longer distances with high levels of cushioning.


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​What is that common between elite runners Geoffrey Kamworor, Eliud Kipchoge​​, and Bernard Lagat? They all train in Nike Pegasus. Known for its versatility as a daily trainer, Pegasus is used by amateurs and elites alike, for short & easy runs to speed work, and even marathon distances.

Asics EvoRide 2 Review

A well-cushioned lightweight shoe for speedier and energy-efficient runs, Asics EvoRide 2 can be the horse to help you clock your personal best.


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Find Your Training Paces

Calculators to the right training paces for best training stimulus and adaptations

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A well-structured training for a race involves working on different aspects of running based on the goal and the race specifics. Typical aspects of running that need to be worked on involve speed, general endurance, speed endurance, race-specific endurance, recovery, and more. Based on the race distance, course, and time of the race, additional aspects like uphill repeats, altitude runs, heat acclimatization may have to be added to the training.

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