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Perfect your Hip Mechanics

Pelvic drop in running and how to address it

Team Run Mechanics

5 minutes read

Runners often focus too much on foot strike, foot pronation and other clearly visible aspects of running form. In reality most form issues stem from what happens up above the leg musculature. We have observed that most performance issues originate from the hip muscle complex. Hip muscles are the powerhouses of running, and hence extra focus should be given to any issues originating from there. One such issue that we observed is excessive hip (pelvic) drop, also known as ‘Contralateral…

Plyometrics for Beginners

Do's and Dont's, Incorporating plyometrics into your training, Technique for Plyometrics, and Beginner Plyometric workouts


2 minutes read

Continuing with our series on plyometric exercises. In the last article, we write on the importance of plyometrics and how plyometrics benefit endurance runners in developing speed and improving the running economy. In this article, we explain how we can start with plyometric training.

Happy Global Running Day

Most read articles of 2021 so far

Team GeeksOnFeet

3 minutes read

First Wednesday of June is celebrated as #GlobalRunningDay. Let me take you a bit back in time to October 2019, when we wrote our first article on GeeksonFeet, it was about the Bangalore Marathon Route 2019, and the journey of GeeksonFeet began.. Articles, profiles, race analysis, infographics, podcast, and newsletter.

Ep 8: Injury Prevention for Runners

Runner's guide to preventing, managing and recovering from Injuries

Aditi Pandya

1 minute read

In this episode, we talk about the various aspects of preventing running injuries. Running injuries are broadly categorized under 3 buckets - Biomechanical factors, anatomical factors, & training errors.

Puma Velocity Nitro Review

A comfortable and versatile daily trainer


7 minutes read

I have been a long-time user of Puma Running Shoes. Really loved running in various versions of Faas 500, and Faas 300. They were very durable, value for money, and most importantly are available in every Puma store in India. However, Puma’s running shoes over the last few years such as NetFit, Hybrid have not been very exciting in terms of innovation. Puma’s competition has lead the innovation with carbon plates, rocker bottoms, high stack shoes, PEBA midsoles and more. The most recent…

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