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Brooks Glycerin 18 Review

A comfortable daily trainer for those long and easy runs

Arun Ganesh

6 minutes read

If you are in a training block where clocking high mileage is the priority or running a hundred-day streak, a comfortably cushioned shoe is your ally. Right from its inception, the Brooks Glycerin series is known for its soft cushioned, and comfortable ride. Glycerin series is one of the first running shoes to use gel pads to offer a softer ride. In its 18th edition, Brooks Glycerin 18 continues to uphold its original goal.

Saucony Axon Review

Saucony Axon is maximally cushioned neutral shoe in the budget. It has a rocker design, balancing comfort and smoother ride for those longer runs.


6 minutes read

This post first published on ShoeGeeks

India at Boston Marathon

Numbers, and Experiences of finishers from India at Boston 2021

Team Geeks on Feet

7 minutes read


They say “we are born runners”. Well… can you please ask a runner immediately after a race how much of the running is left in them? The answers may vary depending on that race’s performance. But one thing you will hear runners checking post race is “Have you BQed?”

London marathon: History, Course and the Field for 2021

Race preview of London Marathon 2021


4 minutes read


The 41st edition of the London Marathon is set to be held on 3 October 2021, i.e. less than a day from now. The annual marathon held usually in April was delayed due to the covid restrictions. After a limited elite only event in 2020, the 2021 edition will see 50,000 runners at the start line, making it the largest marathon since the Covid-19 pandemic broke early last year. Another 50,000+ runners will race it virtually, hence making it the largest of its kind.

Ep 12: Best of Season 1

Curated compilation of best snippets from the first season...

Aditi Pandya

1 minute read

This is our twelfth episode, and we complete the first year of “The World of Running”. Our vision when we conceptualized the podcast was to bring the art and science of running to every runner. So far we’ve covered a variety of topics, from beginners’ guide to running, to more advanced topics like marathon & ultra running.

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