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The Science Behind Running Power

A primer on the science behind running power and how Stryd power meter measures running power


4 minutes read

Several runners have approached me with questions related to how running power is calculated, after my previous posts on Running Power (Part1, Part2). This post goes into the details of running power, and the science behind it.

The World of Running - Episode 2: Speed Training

Everything you need to know about Training for Speed in conversation with Anubhav Karmakar, Founder & Coach - Athloft Multisport, 2h:38m Marathoner

Aditi Pandya

1 minute read

In this episode, we will be discussing everything runners need to know to improve their speed; various workouts like threshold training, VO2 max intervals, sprints or speed intervals, endurance training, pacing, and more.

Racing with Power

Part 2 of 2 - 10k time trial effort with Stryd Power Meter


9 minutes read

This is a follow up post to the first one that I had written on running with power. You can read the earlier post here to gain perspective on what training with a Stryd power meter is all about.

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