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Happy Global Running Day

Most read articles of 2021 so far

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First Wednesday of June is celebrated as #GlobalRunningDay. Let me take you a bit back in time to October 2019, when we wrote our first article on GeeksonFeet, it was about the Bangalore Marathon Route 2019, and the journey of GeeksonFeet began.. Articles, profiles, race analysis, infographics, podcast, and newsletter.

In the course we met a lot of enthusiastic runners, who helped in growing our network and credibility. They helped us to tell you this story.

We are incredibly grateful to our contributors and well wishers. We are thankful to our running community who have been so receptive and provided feedback and shared content to help us grow.

On this special day, we are sharing some of the most read articles of 2021.

Most read Articles of 2021

This year, our focus has been to make the content more consumable and useful to runners of all levels. We are committed to our goal of bringing practical and scientific running knowledge that will help every runner. Here are the 5 top read articles of this year so far.

alt_text Dynamic Warm-up for Runners

A good warm-up is key to priming the body and mind for the intense workout or a race ahead. Check out this 10-minute warm-up routine recommended by national level sprinter and Fitness Coach Hari. Check the post and video here.

alt_text How to prevent Overstriding

Overstriding is a common running form issue in runners, and is the cause for many running injuries. It causes significant stress on joints and impacts running efficiency. Check our post on how to identify and prevent it.

alt_text Ground Contact Time

Ground Contact Time is often overlooked as a performance indicator. GCT is an important indicator of running economy and is a key determinant of endurance performance. Click here to see our infographic in HD.

alt_text How to Improve Uphill Running

It is obvious, most runners struggle through uphills. Uphills expose the weak links in our running. Running uphills also means there is very little energy back from elastic recoil of tendons during the triple extension. Here is how runners can tackle hills better with running form changes and strength work. Article also features tips from Ooty Ultra 2019 winner Murali Gaddam.

alt_text Carbon Plated Shoes in India

The last 4 years have been a runners’ treat w.r.t innovation in shoes. Out of all the new innovations, the use of carbon plates in the midsole is game-changing. Carbon-plated shoes have become quite popular in Indian running community. Read more about Carbon plates tech, history and the curated list of all the carbon plated shoes in India, please check out this link.

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