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Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020 (TMM) in Numbers

Post #1 on TMM 2020 post race data analysis


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(picture credit: Tata Mumbai Marathon)

With over 50,000 runners across marathon, half-marathon and 10k distances, Mumbai marathon is one of the most coveted running events in India. Now that the Mumbai marathon is wrapped up, we have done some number crunching. We will be presenting our analysis and insights in a series of posts over the next few weeks, starting with the participation trends as the first post.

Participation By Numbers

True to its status as Mecca for Indian runners, the Mumbai marathon is setting benchmarks with regards to participation. Over the last decade, participation in the race has steadily increased. With an impressive 7,803 finishers in the marathon race category, and an equally impressive 12,664 finishers in the half-marathon category, it has proved as India’s biggest marathon.


Participation in the Marathon category is growing every year. Half-marathon numbers have also grown, despite the cap by race organizers. Kudos to Procam for making it bigger and better every year.


Women Power

Women participation numbers in amateur long distance running in India is taking off. With 690 runners women constituted 8.8% of overall number of marathon finishers. This number has grown by 32% from 2019.


Half-marathon distance even more impressive 2274 women finishers, constituting 18% of overall finishers. However, we have miles to go when compared to gender distribution globally. Do checkout Yash Mudumbai’s excellent data backed post on Women participation in running events.


Mumbai Marathon is a big draw for runners

Runners from across India, have made Mumbai as their annual running pilgrimage. Runners love Mumbai vibe, the crowd support, and they return every year in big numbers. The proof is in the numbers. We have matched the runners from 2019 and 2020.

  • 46.5% of all marathon finishers from 2020 have also run marathon in 2019 and returned again.
  • 20.4% of marathon finishers this year have run half-marathon in 2019 and have graduated this year to run marathon distance.

So how do they do this year compared to last? Please wait for my next post.


Age is just a Number

When it comes to long distance running Age is just a number. Across age categories 40-44 age group saw the most number of finishers, both in marathon and half-marathon categories. This distribution of Age categories is inline with Global participation trends.


164 marathon finishers over the age of 60 years, and 8 finishers over the age of 75 is truly inspiring.


Mumbai vs. World Marathon Majors

While Mumbai marathon is the biggest in India, how does it compare to 2019 World Marathon majors? If we look at just the Marathon distance finishers numbers, it is definitely a long way to go.

Marathon Majors

More posts on TMM data are in the queue, please check back soon


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