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Garmin Venu Sq Review

It is a lifestyle fitness tracker and a running watch combo in the budget. Among loads of features, the blood oxygen monitor definitely steals the show


7 minutes read

When was the last time you heard of Garmin packing 20+ activities in a sub 20K fitness wearable (available for ₹17,990 at Amazon while writing this)? Quite sure, never until they launched Garmin Venu Sq. Right out of the box, you have the watch, a proprietary charger, and some manuals. Keeping aside the charger and the manuals, let’s keep our focus on the watch.

Carbon-Plated Shoes In India

Up-to date list of carbon plated shoes currently availabe in India and their prices.

Team GeeksOnFeet

3 minutes read

The last 4 years have been a runners’ treat (for their sole) w.r.t innovation in Shoes. The mid-soles are softer, and lighter; bouncy carbon plates, sock-like uppers, lighter and yet high traction bottom soles, have redefined how running shoes feel and run. Out of all the new innovations, the use of carbon plates in the midsole is game-changing. Carbon plates upped the game when it comes to long-distance running performance. There were no world major races won by athletes not wearing Carbon…

India's Top Running Watches

Infographic - Which running watches are popular with runners in India?

Team GeeksOnFeet

1 minute read

India's Top Running Watches

Whether you’re a beginner training for first 5k or a seasoned marathoner, a running watch comes very handy. A running watch is a true reflection of our running effort. Here are the India’s top running watch brands. If you are in the look out for a running watch, check the following URL for more details on popularity of specific models.

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