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TCS World 10k, Memories and Emotions

TCS World 10k finishers' journey, their memories and emotions captured

Team GeeksOnFeet

5 minutes read

TCS10k finishers

For most runners in India, TCS World 10k is a must-run event every year. We have asked a few runners who ran this event year on year about their running journey and thier experience.

TCS World 10k Visualized in Numbers

Look back at TCS 10k through the years 2011-19 in numbers and data

Aditi, Aravind

2 minutes read


World 10k Bengaluru, started in 2008. The first 3 years their title sponsor was Sunfeast India and since 2011, its title sponsor is TCS (Tata Consultancy Services). TCS World 10k Bengaluru is AIMS certified and thus attracts runners across the country and internationally. It is a delight to watch the elites run. The course record of the race in men’s elite is held by Geoffrey Kipsang (2014) and in women’s elite is held by Agnes Tirop (2018), she also ran in 2019 and defended her position. 2020…

India's Top 5 Marathons of 2019-20

Comparision of India's Top 5 City Marathons


8 minutes read


Runners are justifiably restless, thanks to covid19. Now that social distancing is not letting the latest paces on strava come to light, we thought of getting the data of the last 5 races and do some analysis. Below is the analysis for total participation for men and women; average paces of top 10 runners and top 5% of runners, race elevation and temperature of the following marathons:

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