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Efficient Breathing for Runners

Belly breathing and Rhythmic breathing techniques to improve running efficiency

Team GeeksOnFeet

3 minutes read

Breathing while running is often overlooked but can be a powerful tool for a runner’s training. Beginners and experienced runners alike have issues with breathing when running. As we increase our time on our feet, it is important that we breathe better to help us in this journey.

Perfect your Hip Mechanics

Pelvic drop in running and how to address it

Team Run Mechanics

5 minutes read

Runners often focus too much on foot strike, foot pronation and other clearly visible aspects of running form. In reality most form issues stem from what happens up above the leg musculature. We have observed that most performance issues originate from the hip muscle complex. Hip muscles are the powerhouses of running, and hence extra focus should be given to any issues originating from there. One such issue that we observed is excessive hip (pelvic) drop, also known as ‘Contralateral…

Plyometrics for Beginners

Do's and Dont's, Incorporating plyometrics into your training, Technique for Plyometrics, and Beginner Plyometric workouts


2 minutes read

Continuing with our series on plyometric exercises. In the last article, we write on the importance of plyometrics and how plyometrics benefit endurance runners in developing speed and improving the running economy. In this article, we explain how we can start with plyometric training.

Plyometric Training for Runners

Plyometric training series - Improve power, speed, running economy and form

Team Geeks on Feet

4 minutes read

Plyometrics come naturally to all humans, as we learn it in early childhood like - jumps, hops and bounding movements. These movements and activities involve projection of our body’s center of mass either horizontally or vertically by increasing the magnitude and rate of stretch on the muscles. Plyometrics are easily approachable by runners of all levels of expertise, and can be done without no or minimal equipment.

Perfect your Knee Mechanics

Knee mechanics in Running gait, performance, and injury prevention

Team Run Mechanics

4 minutes read

Knee holds an important role in running as it is the midpoint between the hip and ankle. Knee joint facilitates the following:

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