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The World of Running - Episode 3: Beginner's Guide to Running

Everything one needs to know at the start of their running journey, with Coach Shreyas Karnad, Runners 360

Aditi Pandya

1 minute read

In this episode, we discuss everything one needs to know at the start of their running journey. Importance of run-walk technique, strength & conditioning, breathing, the right amount of mileage, and more.

Coach Shreyas Karnad shares his insights, through his vast experience of training 500+ people over a period of 5 years. He spoke about the importance of nutrition, breathing, and his coaching philosophy. Shreyas runs his academy Runners360, and he has been running for the past 11 years; and his marathon PB is 2 hrs 59 mins.

You can find more learning resources related to running at; techniques, running form, race analysis and get expert views. You can write to us on [email protected] You can also follow us on twitter, instagram and facebook at geeeksonfeet.

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